Top 20 Meeting Planner iPad Apps for Onsite Events

Top Twenty Meeting Planner iPad Apps for Onsite use!

It is becoming he must have equipment for meeting planners. Saving backs all over the world from the equally dreaded and loved show binder! You can find all of these in the iTunes App Store.

1) Pages – It’s like Microsoft Word. Technical agendas, transportation, BEO’s and any word documents can be edited in this app.

2) Manage –  To-do lists with folders.  Rate by importance and due date as well as change color and write with a pen.

3) Evernote – Where I do all my note taking. Put notes into folders and email them.

4) MobileMe iDisk – Allows you to store all your docs, photos, even videos in a single place that is accessible from your computer, iPad, or iPhone. (Also is a great sharing solution)

5) Penultimate – Can be used as a writing tablet. I don’t use this app a ton, but if you really have the need to write notes you can. There is an actual pen you can purchase.

6) iBooks – Is not only for downloading books (I use the kindle app for that) but all PDF’s can be stored and read in iBooks. This includes all diagrams and beo’s if sent in PDF form. Don’t waste your money on an actual pdf app as this does it for free.

7) Numbers – Allows you to open and change excel docs.

8 ) AutoCad WS – If you use DWG files for diagrams.

9) Dragon Dictation – Speak notes outloud if I am to rushed to type and then email them to myself.

10) Flight Aware – Track flights of VIPs / presenters and see if they have arrived or are delayed.

11) World Mate –  Travel it tracks all my flight, hotel, and transportation info. Even where you park my car!

12) Gate Guru- Lists everything by terminal/gate at the airports for when you need to grab a quick bite or a pillow from brookstone.

13) Emergency Radio Police scanner app that can keep you up to date so I could inform others.

14) Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Pandora (music) or other game to play on down times.

15) Skype- Skype is a great way to make phone calls or instant messages for your communication needs.

16) 2Do – For creating to do lists on multiple projects at the same time and being able to names notes and flag critical due dates.

17) VMWare View- for virtual desktops linking with your work PCs and application sharing

18) Quick Office-for viewing editing Microsoft Office documents

19) Noterize – for signing contracts and e-mailing them with your ipad.

20)  Don’t forget to make sure to  back up everything to your laptop every evening!!!!

Thank you Stormi Boyd, CMP Senior Event Manager at Keller Williams &
Dahlton Bennington Dir. Business Meeting Services: SFN Group for the list!


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