Top 4 Tools Event Planners Should be Thankful For!

Top 4 Tools Event Planners Should Be Thankful For:

Evernote: This free software is designed for note taking. These “notes” can be regular texts, webpages, photographs, voice memo’s…the list goes on and on. Not only is this a great tool that you can use on your computer, iphone, ipad, andriod, blackberry, and many other smart devices. (Mike’s favorite app)

Google docs: A free Web-based office suite and data storage, very similar design to Evernote, but Google Docs focus’ on Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. You won’t ever have to work about losing your work or forgetting you laptop. You’ll have access to your documents 24/7. (Jon loves using Google tools)

Calendar: The use of your calendar on your Outlook, Google Calendar, smart phone calendar, etc. is one of the most useful tools for any professional (especially when planning and scheduling is your main task in your job).  (Christie keeps track of all her appointments using her Outlook Calendar)

Social Media: Social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest) have completely changed the way we connect with others in our personal lives, along with our professional lives.  This can be a life line for many busy meetings professionals to keep connected.

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