Unplanned Events

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I was having my regular day today. Coffee, email, more coffee. I needed to head to a meeting with a meeting planner for an event we are producing. I got dressed and jumped in my truck and headed over. As I drove down the road I saw a squirrel laying in the road. This is a regular occurrence around here. The squirrels who are mostly fearless leaping from tree to tree and sometimes fall and also they like to play chicken with the cars. As I drove by I looked over at him (he was on the other side of the road) I was expecting to see a smashed little fur ball and instead his head moved as he watched me drive by. I swear we caught eyes……. As a car came up the other way I watched in horror as they rolled over him (or her) not with the tires but over him which must have scared the acorns from his butt. I slammed my truck in reverse and got out – lifted him to the side of the road and swore at a guy in a Porsche who was in a hurry to get by me. I then rummaged through a recycling bin and grabbed a box and hustled him to the vet. I then boogied over to my meeting which I was late for. Not sure if the little guy made it but all of a sudden the event we were producing really didnt much to me.

Sometimes unplanned events are important than real events. I am glad I took the time to stop.

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