When to Endorse?

When to endorse? I read a post by Michael Geoghegan Blog today about Leesa Barnes new book. She was looking for endorsements. I have seen and met both Michael and Leesa at podcasting events. I think highly of both of them. I think Michael missed the boat on this one just a tad. In the podcasting community unlike most other communities podcasters are more than willing to help each other out. Podcasters are basically competitors for ears of listeners but podcasters seem to go to lengths to help each other. Promos before shows, call ins etc.. I think Leesa was feeling this love when she asked for endorsements from her community that visit her blog. These endorsements are for Leesa not the book. If she is selling herself then I feel this is the way to go. Michael is correct if she was looking for endorsements on the book itself if the endorsers have not read the new book/manuscript. I think Leesa was doing as Micheal recently did asking his community to come down to Disneyland at a certain time to be part of the Disneyland podcast.

I do love the dialog and I look forward to her new book. I missed the Disneyland recording.

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