World Kindness Week

World Kindness Week 

I noticed that this week is “World Kindness Week” brought to you by The Random Acts of Kindness FoundationAfter I read a few stories from their website of people’s kindness, it inspired me to do the same.

This morning as I drove through the Starbuck Drive-Thru I was thinking about different ways I can help out others with “random acts“. As I pull up to the window to pay for my delicious coffee, I noticed the car behind me and thought “hey, here is my chance to start my day off right”. I ask the cashier in the window to put the person’s order behind me on my credit card and had the Starbucks cashier to tell them it was a “random act of kindness and to simply pay it forward“. Obviously I drove off before getting to see their reaction, but hopefully my random act of kindness put a smile on their face and made their day. The smallest things can make the biggest differences!

Check out The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website and read the stories of these amazing people who took the time out of their day to help someone else out. Here are some anonymous stories that really touched my heart. Please feel free to leave your stories in our comments section, we’d love to hear them!

“Craigslist Christmas Tree

We had posted on Craigs List an artificial Christmas tree for $50.00. I had communicated with lots of people, none of which worked out. Then, there was this woman, who sent me a message to let me know she was still interested in the tree, but that she had an unexpected bill come through. She told me should could buy the tree in a few weeks, if it was still available. My boyfriend and I aren’t hurting too bad for money and I decided I would just give this woman a Christmas tree. I don’t know if she has children or a family, but I felt that she or someone she knows would have a better Christmas because of our kindness. Giving to others when they least expect it, is what it’s all about and I am thankful that my mother showed me how to help people.”

“The Debit Card

One Saturday, I was walking through the mall with a bunch of friends. We came down the escalator and I happened to find a debit card with a man’s name on it. I picked it up and thought, wow, if I dropped my debit card and someone with bad intentions found it, I would be pretty angry. I went down to the mall office and told the lady at the desk what had happened and handed the lady the card. Even though it was such a small act, it made my day a little better knowing someone would get a call saying that their debit card was found. You never know who could have found it.”

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